A music capsule regularly in your Inbox

Ever since the early days East Side Radio was devised as a hub to connect people through music. The first shape this hub took was an online radio allowing people from all walks of life to select and share slices of their record collection or their latest playlists.
After two years and more than 1500 recorded shows we couldn't be happier with the overall response, locally and from abroad, from DJs to listeners. Thanks a lot for your support!

As is happens, music isn't always just music. You may have a favorite album, you may have a favorite band. But that feeling of discovering new music is priceless and often happens beyond a record. Sometimes there's a story about a song that's too good to skip. A well-known record that's special for some reason the world needs to know about.
ESR Monthly is a newsletter about music delivered to your Inbox once a month. Each one will have three sections including some words for context and a link to listen, watch or read something worth those bytes. Books, movies, albums, documentaries, mixtapes, concerts, you name it.

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