ESR MONTHLY A music capsule delivered by ESR


A music capsule delivered by ESR

ESR Monthly 01.2021 by Kryptic DJ

Hello friends,
Welcome back to ESR Monthly!
First things first: we wish you all a great 2021 and hope you make the most out of it.

Here at ESR HQ we keep working on the new studio and we've got plenty to do before we can move in: design and build the new broadcast desk and shelving, perform long due maintenance to our gear and write the code that makes the internet bits move audio and video around. We don't have a date just yet but we'll keep you posted on our plans.

For this issue of ESR Monthly we invited our friend Florian, a German living in Lisbon with a life connected to music and radio in various ways.
But more on that in the next section. Enjoy!

About the Editor

Kryptic DJ is the behind-the-decks moniker used by Florian Demmer, a german originally from Berlin and living in Lisbon for the past 5 years. A software engineer by day, music is also part of his work at Cycling '74, where Max/MSP was born.

He's been involved with Cashmere, a community radio from Berlin, where he lent a hand to work on some of the technology used to take the shows from the studio to the internet. He's still collaborating even if at a distance, these days in the Past Forward show.

Florian collaborates with ESR since July 2019, delighting us with his taste and always available to discuss technology applied to online radio broadcasting. Which... comes in handy sometimes.

Keep reading to learn about a part of Kryptic DJ's collection and what moves him these days.

Embrace your local heroes!

With a penchant for Outsider Vibes, Accidental Boogie and other questionable styles it might not come as a surprise that compilations of amateur musicians, overlooked band contestants and other talent like school groups have become a staple in my music discovery and enjoyment. While often limited to one or two tracks, the fuzzy charme and the imperfection makes up for the otherwise hardly average rock music on these releases.

“I remember sitting in countless bars across the state of Iowa watching a guitarist or band play their hearts out for 20 drunks and a bartender. They would gig across the state for years and then either break up and become insurance salesmen or move to Nashville or Los Angeles” - liner notes from First Flight / First Annual Iowa Album.

This playlist might not provide the context and smell of a trashy basement but it surely gives you a feel for some of the gems on these records.


Danke Klaus!

Nowadays, everything that has a notion of “Library Music” sparks my interest. However, that wasn’t always the case. Looking back, it was mainly one artist whose releases have initially introduced me to the hemispheres of Production music - German composer Klaus Netzle aka Claude Larson.

It all started when I bought a copy of Rivers (1981, Selected Sound) and got hooked on the roughly 8-minute long Murrumbidgee River. The record was the perfect introduction to Netzle’s signature sound, heavily driven by the Fairlight CMI and Synclavier synthesizers, with the former being the main reason for the collaboration with Tri-Atma on Sehnsucht & Einklang (1982, Erdenklang) under his moniker Gyan Nishabda. Quickly, I started listening through his catalogue showcasing his distinct synth programming and rhythmic patterns. It’s impossible for me to pick a single favourite, so I put together an introductory selection of some personal key Klaus Netzle moments.


Cover Story

While you can’t judge a book record by its cover, a standout artwork has often helped me remember what to look out for, caught my attention for releases that I would have otherwise easily overlooked or turned a great record into a fantastic one…

Hope you enjoyed Florian's suggestions and maybe found some new favorite music.

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We'll be back soon 💥

Stay real,
East Side Radio