ESR MONTHLY A music capsule delivered by ESR


A music capsule delivered by ESR

ESR Monthly 07.2021 by DJ Fitz

Hello friends,
A new month comes with a new issue of the ESR Monthly, this time with our good friend DJ Fitz delivering three top notch tips.

About the Editor

DJ Fitz is an Irishman living in Porto where he collects records, manages touring bands and keeps a little city farm. A serious lover of great food, always keen to share and tips about the latest findings about unassuming quick bites here and there.
John Fitz likes his food just like his music: diverse in the form and the content searching on the daily and finding the most interesting jams hiding in non obvious places.
The search for food spots and music listening with Fitz are always mixed with stories of funny situations that could only happen to someone as this guy, who seems to be a magnet of nice people and an antenna broadcasting fun times all around.
We hope you enjoy his tips as much as we did.

Number 1 Indian Restaurant Portugal

I have spent almost 5 years looking for a REAL Spicy Indian dinner in this Beautiful country of Portugal. I have come close on occasion but It has never fully materialized. There have been many moments of Excitement , Hope and Dreams, fuelled by Stories, Messages, Reviews, Urban Mythology and More, yet ultimately Sadness and disappointment have prevailed upon trying out these tips. This all changed dramatically, Last Saturday Night when I encountered an epic Indian Joint called Spice Art. It was recommended by a friend Raquelita Mendes, a Native of Gaia, who said, it was epic.

Normally I trust her judgment with food, she's from Gaia after all, no tourist traps there, only people, food and hope, so I decided to give it a go. It was sensational. One of the first things that peaked my interest, was when I walked in and asked for the menu and proceeded to Order, the lady said to me, this is REAL Indian food by the way, meaning Spicy, no messing around. Can you handle it. These were her exact words, this was a huge start, I knew something unreal might be happening. Then after drinking a couple of Litrosos of Cobra Beer I got my Order, and man it was insane.

Lamb Tikka Tandoori, Pilau Rice, Veg samosa, Onion Bhaji and Peshawar nan. This food was Incredible. The spices were blended perfectly , the temperature of the lamb tikka Tandoori was extremely right, the Nan Bread was like Heaven on a plate , the whole thing was like Walking in the door to Heaven and sitting down with the Lord himself and eating Lunch.

Then I started talking to the owners and they were totalamente tranqwilson, they said they opened one week before the beginning of The end of the world, i.e. the day Portugal first Locked down, but now the word was getting around and they were selling loads of takeaway and were converting the community to their Epic Delicious blend of spices, person by person.
Don't eat Indian Food in Portugal, unless you go to SPICE ART in GAIA (the real capital).

Spice Art, Vila Nova da Gaia (The Southside of Porto will rise again).

To go with dinner: A bollywood Synth mix by DJ Fitz

Number 1 Rock band of All Time

On January 4th , 1986, I was sitting in the kitchen in my mothers House, in County Kerry, South Western Ireland, Looking out the window at the towering Mountains in the distance, covered in mist, and the announcement came on the radio (2FM), that Phil Lynott, the legendary Irish Bass Player and Vocalist from Thin Lizzy had died. This was a very sad moment, he has been in hospital for a week or so, in situations related to drugs , and it was somewhat expected , but was still a fatal blow to his family, friends and legions of fans in Ireland.

I grew up listening to Thin Lizzy from a young age, they were and still are Heroes to people all across Ireland and the Whole world. They were one of the most innovative and versatile bands of the 70s. Phil lynott's Lyrics were really poetic and deep and Concerned with Saints and Sinners, Religion, Celtic Mythology, Sadness, Death, life and beyond. Meanwhile, Many of their contemporaries in the Music scene of the 70s were more into singing about their ex-girlfriend/Boyfriend and irrelevant shite along those lines.

Brian Downey was the Star behind the shadow in Thin Lizzy, His drumming was amazing, he was not a Flashy John Bonham type or a Wild Keith Moon Type or a crazy Ginger Baker Type, he was all of them when he had/wanted to be, But he was as Funky as hell as well. Phil Lynott's bass and Brian Downey's drumming were the soul of the thin lizzy machine. Over the years many guitarists came and went but these two guys were there from the first until the last day.

Lizzy could play Funk, hard rock , blues, Psychedelic jams , even dodgy pop in the later years , but Phil Lynnot's Amazing songs and Brian Downey's killer drums are what makes them next level. Afrika Bambaata included their epic Jam , Johnny the fox meets jimmy the weed as one the top 100 Breakbeats of all time that he sampled for the early days of Bronx Hip Hop.

We are truly proud of These Irish Legends.

Thin Lizzy's Greatest Album: Johnny The Fox

Number 1 Life Changing Record

I was walking down Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg Brooklyn, on a summers day in 1995 and I came across a guy selling records at a stoop sale. Around this time I had been living in New York for a year and was getting into tons of records and DJing and all that stuff. I was buying lots of second hand records in those days. the guy on this day had tons of regular industry standard Classic, Stones, Hendrix, Creedence, Doors, James Brown, sly stone etc etc, but then there was this one weird record in the box, it said Erkin Koray - Elektronik Türküler.

I asked the guy , whats this record, hesaid he had no idea and he had it years since his old roommate left it there 5 years before , and that it was a Turkish Record. So I said I will give it a go, it was only a dollar after all. I went home and put it on and it blew my head off. It was insane. It was this crazy Psychedelic Funky Groove, Eastern Vibes mixed with western rock and roll funky grooves and vocals in Turkish, which I obviously had no idea what they were about. But the record is brilliant, it was like deep Funky grooves, with shredding Saz and Electric guitar on the top and this dude singing in Turkish.

It was my first real introduction to what would be known as "world music" and eventually "Turkish Psych", These terms are annoying, I just think this is a Killer stand out Funky rock n roll record, and I have learned to love it more and more over the years.

Erkin Koray - Elektronik Türküler

We hope you enjoyed the food and the music tips.

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