ESR MONTHLY A music capsule delivered by ESR


A music capsule delivered by ESR

ESR Monthly 12.2021 by Eduardo Bertrand

Hey friends,

The last Monthly of the year lands in your Inbox as we celebrate 3 years of East Side Radio — and 1 year of ESR Monthly.

It’s a weird feeling to celebrate this anniversary with no functioning studio and an offline streaming but the future looks bright every way we look at it. Both our digital and physical realms are currently under serious changes to support our comeback, better than ever, while keeping the very same ideals that made us turn on the switch 3 years ago.

This month's issue is penned by a misterious character writting about misterious rites. We hope you enjoy the suggestions by Eduardo Bertrand.

About the Editor

"My real name is Eduardo Bertrand. Some close people see me as the ultimate conjuror of disappointment. I live in a house that seems getting harder to see at every step you take towards it. So, I guess you would find pretty funny to attend at one of my ceremonial magick sessions or spring-summer poetry collection showcases. My despicable sister finds them hilarious, which make me feel far from happy.

I produce jazz, hip-hop and lounge radio shows for lost boys. Some of them eventually found home. The shows, of course. I’m also in an on-off relationship with a duchess that only drinks tears. But I never cried until the present day."

Wild Life Black Magic

Have you ever loved someone the way you loved a DJ on a perfect night DJ set? I didn’t. DJs are, by far, the first world refugees. They drive thru their path alone, just striving for a not-so-bitter end. And the end, dear ESR lovers, can be an onanistic celebration of joy and glitter and blood and milk and kisses… or be the DJ’s death.

Just like this: cold, black, unpassionate, lonely and gruesome death.

DJ’s play their club life every night. You should adopt one. And prey for another. Listen to their stories in music, like the rooks focus on the tale of one of their own, in the “my way or the highway” parliament of rooks.

That’s the first advice I’m giving you.


"That's right… MUSIC!"

Have you heard about Dr. Hunter S. Thompson? Well. You should. He wrote some nice stuff you would like to read. Funny, acid, journalistic journeys, stuffed with music, and drugs and, most likely, lies. And lies are clearly the best thing on him.

The reality is utterly boring. If the humanity were built under the light of truth we would have died of boredom before Nero got nuts. And that fella was a motherfucking powder keg.

So, lies are the best. Hunter was a prolific liar. I love stories. All of them are lies. Utter lies. But even the most prodigious individual of the Liars League can calm down and make us fall in love with his honesty. Like that chapter on “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, when, basically, he explains the whole purpose of the book, that is about the american dream and the delusional feeling of his generation.

He was damn sad when he wrote that specific chapter. You know why? Because it was true as fuck.



I exorcize myself every day. And, sometimes, more than once. It depends on my mood. Yesterday, I was so flabbergasted that I did it three times.

But the best exorcisms are those in group. I shall say, dear ESR lovers, that is the only thing I rather do with someone.

I mean, people call it celebrate. I prefer to call it Anonymous Exorcisms Acts (AEA).

You pick up your demon at home, you cross a couple of streets, sometimes even some cities, and you finally arrive, you and your demon, and the AEA is already rolling. You feel the heat of it. Your whole body feels it.

Your demon asks if it can leave to play. You light up a match, look at the unholy creature with disdain and you say: “O, you Lightbringer servant. Today, I make the rules. And no, you cannot go.”,
Then, you throw the match at it and watch it squeak while you dance.

And that’s how an exorcism is done.


That's us sorted for the month.
If you're in Lisbon you should join us tomorrow evening (Tuesday, December 7) at Arroz Estudios to celebrate the 3 years of ESR. For the rest of you somewhere else in the world, let's all raise a glass to the future of this community, looking forward to the great things ahead.

Enjoy the holidays and family time during the coming weeks.

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Stay real,
East Side Radio